"I have been meaning to send you an email for quite some time to express my gratitude and highest praise for Pam Venenga's talent and dedication as an agent in your Sun Prairie office. However, a recent move back to North Carolina and all the unpacking that comes with it temporarily sidetracked me. Nonetheless, I do not want to miss the opportunity to tell you what a rare special individual she is as an agent and as a person in general. I met Pam by chance and good fortune after calling her about one of her listings in Providence. My two young daughters, 2 and 1 month, and I had joined my husband in Madison in January after Jason relocated there for work in October. We were "trapped" in a tiny furnished corporate apartment with few of our belongings and the longest part of a Wisconsin winter yet to go. Pam became the bright spot in a long few months as she took me and the girls under her wing and introduced us to Sun Prairie and some of the surrounding area. She was always friendly, always enthusiastic and incredibly patient with the sometimes chaotic process of showing homes with two little ones in tow. In fact, she was absolutely wonderful with our girls and so helpful with the buckling and unbuckling and feeding, etc. etc. that comes with the territory. It was truly fun to look at homes with her, and I really began to look forward to meeting with her...so much so that I almost diidn't want to find a house! Because we hadn't sold our house, we weren't yet in a position to put an offer on a home. Nevertheless, Pam showed us nothing but unbridled enthusiasm and optimism as she took us through house after house even though no commision was near on the horizon. She bore with our endless questions and the many times we changed our minds, even goinig from building a house to new construction to existing homes (and back again about three times). She never acted inconvenienced, even thought we had a tendence to want to see things on the spur of the moement, particularly on weekends (and holidays too). Sh was so prompt, professional and helpful in every way possible. Ultimately, after a series of convoluted events that can only be viewed as divine inspired (or just plain odd beyond belief), we ended up returning to North Carolina just as we finally sold our house and found a house in Sun Prairie and put an offer on it, which we ended up withdrawing at the last minute. One of the saddest things about that time was that I couldn't close a sale with Pam nor work with her any longer, because if anyone deserved to sell a house, it was Pam. Even then she was gracious, sweet and enthusiastic, even though our decision resulted in months of hard work for no compensation. She is turly one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I just wanted to make sure that the "powers that be" in the Stark Homes business are aware of what an extraordinary agent they have. As someone who has interacted personally with at least ten different agents, spoken on the telephone with countless others attempting to solicit me as a client, and who worked with many others as a real estate attorney, I have met plenty who fair at best and only a handful who weemed to have something really special. Pam tops that list hands down. We were so fortunate to have worked with her - we just wish it had ended with a better result for such a deserving person. Sincerely Amy and Jason Murphy."